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Anna Porcu

About Anna Porcu

Anna Porcu in her workshop. Photo credit - Gils Gilbert

Anna Porcu in her workshop. Photo credit - Gils Gilbert


Born in Siena, Italy, Anna Porcu belongs to a prominent Tuscan family with ancient roots. She received a Master’s degree in art history, and afterwards did archival work in the Gucci archives in Milan, and in art at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York.

Anna searches the world for antique, museum quality, cameos in materials that include shell, ivory, amber, agate and lava. She has become an expert in this type of art which, carved in extremely low relief by master artists, dates back to ancient Roman times and often included mythological or pastoral narratives. By re-crafting the cameos’ original settings and using additional sterling silver, gold and hard stones, Anna transforms each cameo by placing it in a contemporary leather setting.

The wonderful combination of the delicate cameos against the leather of the bracelets, necklaces, and earrings creates a strikingly fresh collection. Each piece is unique. All the leather and the entire process of realizing the jewelry is made by expert artisans in Tuscany. Her work has been selected several times for jewelry shows at important museums such as MAD Museum in New York, and the Norton Museum in Palm Beach.